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To hear the answer to a C++ question, go to CppCon.
If you want to be part of finding the answer, go to C++Now.

Jon Kalb Conference Chair CppCon, Conference Chair C++Now
Trip Report by Michael Park (2017)

I have attended C++ Now every year since the inaugural 2012 conference. It certainly has been the high point of my professional calendar every year. No where else can you mingle with best and the brightest of C++ world. Every year I have brought something back that was immediately usable in my daily work. The venue and conference organization is superb. I am already looking forward to next year.

Gwendolyn Hunt Principal Software Engineer; Cedexis, Inc.
Trip Report by Odin Holmes (2017)

I have attended C++Now three years in a row so far, and I cannot recommend it enough. Other than making many new friends and networking with amazing people, I've always found the content of C++Now top-notch: most of the talks at the conference are engaging, controversial, and innovative in one way or another. It's not your usual "lecture"-style talk - audience participation is encouraged... and the audience is full of experts. Whether it's sunny or heavily snowing, the view in Aspen is consistently beautiful and there are many fun activities to keep you busy after conference hours, including a picnic with all the attendees! Definitely the best conference experience I've had so far.

Vittorio Romeo Software Engineer; Bloomberg LP
Trip Report by Ben Deane (2017)

C++Now is my favourite conference, it is my can't miss event of the year (C++ or otherwise!). There is something about the people who attend, and something about the place itself. No other event has C++Now's combination of enticing ideas mixed with peaceful serenity.

words and thoughts swirling
blossoms on the Aspen trees
new ideas sprout

Tony Van Eerd Senior Software Developer; Christie Digital Systems
Trip Report by JetBrains (2017)

With a welcoming, collaborative, and ruthlessly technical atmosphere, C++Now caters to library designers, compiler nerds, mailing list junkies, and anyone interested in pushing the envelope of what is possible in modern C++. This is the coolest tech conference in the world.

Barrett Adair May 20th, 2017
Trip Report by Vittorio Romeo (2017) [1 of 2) [2 of 2]

The program is the second-best part of C++Now.
If you want to know the best part, talk to an attendee.

Jon Kalb Conference Chair C++Now
Trip Report by Vittorio Romeo (2016)

C++Now is always inspiring me in new ways. But also, due its unique location giving me lots of new insights and conversations I could have no where else.

Jens Weller
Trip Report by Patrik Huber (2015)

C++Now was an incredible experience. The talks are all world class and Aspen is a lovely town, but the best part for me was the people. I've watched a lot of recordings of talks, so when I got there I already felt like I knew many of the other attendees. Everyone I talked to had great insight and was working on interesting projects or libraries. Since roughly 1/3rd of the attendees were speakers some of them always happened to be around too. It felt almost as though I were at some exclusive event for famous c++ people, but everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I felt like I belonged there too. It was also a great opportunity for personal development. Some people pushed me to do a lightning talk, and from there I've gone onto have a full length talk accepted to CppCon, which I probably wouldn't have even submitted if it weren't for my experience at C++Now. In that sense I grew as a person as a direct result of my experiences at C++Now.

Allan Deutsch Student / Volunteer 2017
Trip Report by Thomas Heller (2015)

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