Individual Sponsors

For individuals, C++Now offers the Boost Scholarship Sponsorship in support of the Boost Scholarship Fund. Corporate Sponsorships are also available.

Individual Sponsors

Gold Scholarship Sponsors

Jon and Kathleen Kalb

Silver Scholarship Sponsors

Ali Çehreli

Boost Scholarship Fund

The Boost Scholarship Fund supports two programs that directly benefit C++ students and indirectly benefit the entire C++ community: Boost Summer of Code and the C++Now Volunteer/Student Program.

Boost Summer of Code

The BSoC program is modeled after the Google Summer of Code program, in which Boost is a long time participant. Like GSoC, BSoC projects provide funding for students to work on specific Boost Library projects over the summer. BSoC is designed to supplement the GSoC program by allowing Boost to accept students that would otherwise be rejected by GSoC due to funding or eligibility.

C++Now Volunteer/Student Program

Each year, the conference helps a small group of young programmers attend the conference. In exchange, the volunteers help the C++Now staff in running the conference.

Contributions to the Boost Scholarship Fund are earmarked* to support these programs and can be made in any amount, but specific benefits attach at certain sponsorship levels. Donations are made through Software Freedom Conservancy, a 501(c)3 not-for-profit charity and are fully tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Donors will receive a disclosure statement indicating the fair market value of any tangible benefits received.

Are you a student who will volunteer in exchange for a ticket? Not a student, just want to volunteer?
Learn how to apply to the Volunteer/Student Program

Gold Scholarship Sponsor Level

The Gold Level Sponsorship is $500 and has these benefits:

  • Recognition on Boost and C++Now websites
  • Boost Scholarship Sponsor tee shirt
  • Recognition at C++Now Welcome and Closing sessions
  • Invitation to Meet The Volunteers/Student Breakfast at C++Now

Silver Scholarship Sponsor Level

The Silver Level Sponsorship is $250 and has these benefits:

  • Recognition on Boost and C++Now websites
  • Recognition at C++Now Welcome and Closing sessions
  • Boost Scholarship Sponsor tee shirt

Bronze Scholarship Sponsor Level

The Bronze Level Sponsorship is $125 and has these benefits:

  • Recognition on Boost and C++Now websites
  • Boost Scholarship Sponsor tee shirt

Every donation comes with the knowledge that you are making a difference in the career of a C++ student.

Become a Sponsor Today

Consider a Boost Scholarship Sponsorship via the Software Freedom Conservancy. Choose a level and proceed to Paypal to checkout.

C++Now is brought to you by Boost. You can make a donation to Boost in any amount. Boost

* It is the intent of the Boost Steering Committee to honor the wishes of all donors; however, an earmark does not represent a legal obligation on the Committee to apply the funds as directed and we reserve the right to reallocate any unused funds towards other Boost activities. All funds will, regardless of their use, be spent in a way that benefits the Boost community, the general public, and the advancement of free and open source software.

For a copy of the C++Now Corporate Sponsorship Prospectus or if you have any questions about individual sponsorships or any of these programs contact

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